Children’s Competitive Game Registration Form


3 on 3 basketball competition Registration Form


2023 Matahari International School
Basketball Carnival
Rules and Regulations of 3 on 3 basketball competition:

  1. The 3-on-3 basketball competition is categorized into U10 boys, U10 girls, U12 boys, and U12 girls.
  2. Game duration: 7 minutes (running clock), free throws and ball out-of-bounds do not stop the clock.
  3. Regardless of the shooting distance (except for free throws), each successful shot earns 2 points.
  4. Possession Method
    • Opening Possession: The ball with the attacking player starts at the center of the three-point line. The defensive player must stand within the three-point line until the ball is released before engaging in defense.
    • After Team A scores on offense, they cannot retain possession of the ball. Team B must clear the ball out at the center of the three-point line.
    • If Team A attempts a shot or a layup and misses, regardless of whether the ball makes contact with the rim or not, Team B must clear the ball beyond the three-point line before starting their offensive possession. Otherwise, the shot made by Team B is considered invalid.
    • In the event of a foul or the ball going out of bounds, the game resumes possession at the center of the three-point line.
  5. If the game ends in a tie at the end of the regular playing time, the winner will be determined by a free-throw shootout. (Each team selects six players, and each player takes one free throw. After one round of shooting, the team with the most successful free throws will be declared the winner.)
  6. If intentional actions, such as deliberately throwing the ball out of bounds or engaging in other rule violations, occur, or if one team holds onto the ball for an extended period without attempting a shot, the opposing team will be awarded two free-throws.
  7. When a player is fouled during a shooting or layup attempt, they will be awarded one free-throw, and the free-throw attempt must be made within 5 seconds.
  8. Team Fouls: Upon committing their fifth foul and subsequent fouls, the opposing team will be awarded one free-throw opportunity.
  9. After registering the team, if any changes to the roster are required, the organizer must be notified in advance. No roster changes will be accepted on the day of the competition after reporting in.
  10. Each team must prepare two sets of jerseys, one in a dark colour and the other in a light colour.
  11. Teams must arrive at the designated game venue on time. If a team fails to appear on the court after the announcer’s countdown of 30 seconds, it will be considered an automatic forfeiture.

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