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Whatever We Do, We Do It For Our ChildrenAbout VIM

  • From the moment we step into the field of education, we have been doing our best to establish an incredibly good educational institution. After more than 30 years of speculation and reform, we have established the VIM International Education Group, like three petals in one flower, incorporating Matahari, IEM, and Viisaus Education Group. The reason for us to split into three is because we hope that with our sincere enthusiasm for education and looking far ahead, we can lay a solid foundation for students in the process of creating a happy life, and understand what the real ability to have happiness is, and gain the most out of it. In the days to come, no matter what situation our students encounter, we can handle it skillfully,  and everything will go smoothly. We know the way to abide by the law, and know how to uphold self-love, as well as self-respect and self-discipline traits, in our society, in our family, in our personal life.  All these will help us to become a good citizen and a pillar of the country. We will better able to demonstrate our strengths and capabilities, speak well, integrate knowledge and action, improve leadership, and become a rare talent in any organisation;
  • We stand strong in our three-pronged approach and believe that there are no discriminations in teaching, whether wise or not, young or old, male or female, or happy or sad, we give students an infinite space to develop and achieve for themselves regardless of their education level; each approach has its own common yet unique way to achieve the true mission of education.
  • Matahari adheres to the four No’s principles: No punishment, No retaining, No termination and No bad-labeling. In that, we give respect, appreciation, with gratitude and blessing to our students. Nowadays, our students have become more and more aware of the meaning of these traits. With a blissful environment, students complete their homework more spontaneously. Of course, every student has their own strengths or weaknesses, and being able to find and cultivate themselves into the best person they can be. This is the biggest cornerstone of a perfect life. ! 

Note: One flower with three petals is the concept of a complete blessing. VIM carries the meaning of its persistence. Matahari portrays the nature of a child, pure and unsullied; IEM cultivates to live one’s life with love, virtue, and wisdom; Viisaus mentality: develop leadership

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The unique IEM Teaching Approach comprises of :

  • I Intelligence & Creativity
  • E Emotion & Adversity
  • M Morality & Sociability