Viisaus School – (VOA, DSP, TQUK)

Hard to get a job without an SPM certificate? Can’t apply for tertiary education? Wanting to learn a new professional skillset?

Introducing Viisaus Training Qualification United Kingdom by MIS, also known as Viisaus TQUK. This course is available for anyone above 16 years old who wish to learn a new skillset.

What is Viisaus Training Qualification United Kingdom?

Viisaus Training Qualification United Kingdom (Viisaus TQUK) is a vocational qualifications programme, equivalent to A Level, up to Higher Diploma level offered by Matahari International School (MIS), which is an approved centre endorsed by Training Qualification United Kingdom (TQUK) and regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual).

What are the benefits of Viisaus Training Qualification United Kingdom (Viisaus TQUK)?

-Our qualification is designed to support and encourage students to develop their knowledge and skills.

-Our Viisaus TQUK allows students to sample different classes and a range of coursework before heading into employment field.

-Our qualifications allow students to progress onto further qualifications, for example, a Bachelor’s Degree.