Viisaus Dual School Prog. (DSP)

What is a Dual-School Programme?

Viisaus Dual-School Programme (hereinafter referred to as DSP) is a course that allows students to register at two schools at the same time.  It is an online learning method in their spare time to study at the Viisaus School.  It enriches students’ current school life by integrating traditional education and non-traditional education.  It cultivates children with an international perspective to achieve advanced comprehensive development.

Course features

-This course provides students the opportunity to participate in the courses of international schools, and what students learn is much richer than what they learn in one school.

-There is no restriction by the age in enrolling in DSP course. It can also avoid the time and space restrictions under the traditional teaching mode.

-DSP is based on the British Cambridge curriculum. Each curriculum adopts a “spiral” method, based on the original learning. It helps students in strengthen their abilities, so that students can show outstanding performance in every aspect of learning abilities include critical thinking, research and collaboration.

-DSP focuses on English and Mathematics, and other subjects with placement tests. It is because English is an international language and it needs time and environment in order to master in the language. 2 hours 30 minutes English course a week allows students to apply English more freely to their lives. As for Mathematics, we have our own unique and effective way to train students with strong mathematical and logical abilities. It does not only train us to solve Mathematical problems, but also trains us in many other forms of abilities, such as the improvement of analytical skills.

-The training helps students to have curiosity and lasting enthusiasm for learning. They have also acquired the basic skills needed to succeed in university and future careers.

-It allows students to experience different courses and assignments before entering higher education.

-Students enroll in DSP can show their ability to handle complex course planning on their reports. If a student wants to study abroad after graduating from high school, this information will be used by general foreign colleges/universities as a guideline for predicting student performance and deciding which applicants to admit.

-DSP is carried out online and therefore, it is not restricted by region. It saves students time on the road. At the same time, the problem of inability to gather due to epidemic prevention and control has also been solved.

-The cost is low and DSP is awarded with an international school certificate. In other words, even if this course is regarded as an additional tuition course, it is worth it.

School introduction

DSP is implemented by Matahari Tuition Centre and incorporated with Viisaus Educational Group  which is fully supported by Matahari International School.Matahari International School offers all courses from kindergarten to high school. Instead of using traditional teaching methods, it adopts a unique, extraordinary and a very effective IEM (Intelligence and creativity, Emotion and adversity, Morality and Sociability) teaching method, which enables students to grow vigorously and healthily. After completing DSP, students can obtain at least one of the following certificates:

a. TQUK certificate recognized by the British Qualifications and Examinations Board

b. International Cambridge A Level Certificate

c. International Cambridge AS Level Certificate

d. International Cambridge IGCSE certificate

e. Matahari International School Graduation Certificate

f. Graduation certificate of Viisaus School

(The first 100 new students will get 10% rebate on course fee)